Aldebaran 360° Flex Series

The success of the Aldebaran 360 Degree Flex Series is based on its high flexibility and the efficient use of ultra-bright LEDs. The option of switching seamlessly between 360 degree lighting and downward focused lighting means the products are suitable for a wide range of applications. The 360 Degree FLEX-LED proves its worth on building sites, during rescue operations or at events.

The system can be readied for use in just a few minutes. Moreover, because of its IP54 protection rating it can be utilised both indoors and out. The integrated, intelligent controls allow you to choose between half (180 degree) and full (360 degree) lighting as well as dimmed. The armature is also equipped with a ring so the product can be hung from, for example, a ceiling.

The Aldebaran 360 Degree Flex Series provides approximately 100,000 lumen. In practice this means that the lamp can illuminate a (round) space measuring approx. 5,000 m² (by mounting a single lamp on a 6-metre high mast system under an angle of around 35 degrees). Up to 5 lux can be achieved in the border area. The unit also provides low operational costs, long lifespan and extremely low energy consumption. Only 960 LED power generates as much light as a comparable 5,000 watt halogen spotlight. Normally, the lamp will never need to be replaced. After 50,000 hours of lighting approximately 80% of the lighting capacity will still be available. Would you like to know more about the Aldebaran 360 Degree Flex Series? If so, click here.

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