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For over three decades, Elfa Elementenfabriek has been the official distributor of SAFT. The French battery manufacturer has been providing innovative energy solutions for various market areas for over a century. Some notable examples include the French high-speed TGV train, Microsoft’s data center, various teams in Formula 1/Formula-E, and Lockheed Martin’s combat aircraft.

In 2015, SAFT introduced a new product line, which has since become one of its flagship offerings: Xcelion®.



Xcelion® surpasses traditional lead-acid batteries

As a pioneer in battery technology, SAFT has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in various industries, including aerospace, defense, and diverse industrial applications. The Xcelion® product line is one of the flagship offerings of this French battery manufacturer. Whether it’s military operations requiring utmost precision, space missions exploring the boundaries of the universe, or industrial applications enhancing productivity, the Xcelion® product line is designed to meet every challenge.


The Xcelion® product line from SAFT surpasses traditional lead-acid batteries in several aspects. These batteries not only provide significantly greater capacity and output but also weigh only a fraction of their lead-acid counterparts. This translates to:


  • A substantial improvement in performance.
  • A higher level of safety.
  • A more positive impact on the environment.
  • Increased efficiency in terms of both cost and energy.

Powerful energy solutions for defense

The Xcelion® product line from SAFT is suitable for various market areas, but they are especially intriguing for defense applications. These batteries are specifically designed to withstand the most challenging conditions; they boast a robust construction and are resistant to extreme environments. From critical military equipment to communication systems and surveillance devices, Xcelion® batteries ensure flawless execution of every aspect of a military mission.


What sets Xcelion® batteries apart from the competition includes:


  • Thermal stability.
  • Exceptionally long lifespan.


These features make these batteries an excellent choice for military applications, ensuring that soldiers can always rely on a consistent and reliable power supply, even in the most demanding situations. SAFT understands the importance of uninterrupted performance like no other, and the batteries in the Xcelion® product line are engineered to surpass the highest standards.


“Different divisions within Defense use batteries for various applications. The collaboration with Elfa is pleasant, and we always receive honest advice. It may even include solutions that we hadn’t considered at first, but are seen by them as the best answer to our needs. Elfa’s extensive knowledge in battery technology is precisely what we need.”

Cees de Wit,

Material Logistics Command Land, Defense

Product range

As a high-quality alternative to traditional lead-acid batteries, the Xcelion® 6T and Xcelion® 6T-E are essential additions to Elfa Elementenfabriek’s product range. In addition to these, we also offer various variants of the Xcelion® 56V in our assortment.



Xcelion® 6T

The Xcelion® 6T is a 24V, 60Ah lithium-ion battery with high energy based on Super Phosphate® technology. It is a commercial off-the-shelf product that replaces two 12V lead-acid batteries in the size of one and with only a quarter of the weight. The lifecycle of this battery is typically 5-10 times longer than that of lead-acid batteries in comparable applications. The units can be connected in parallel to provide more power and capacity.



Xcelion® 56V

The Xcelion® 56V delivers an operating voltage of 40-60V. This battery is used in 48V applications, such as small electric mobility and stationary energy storage. Similar to the 6T and 6T-E, the 56V is a plug-and-play solution that can directly replace lead-acid batteries, offering a longer lifespan and reduced weight.




Xcelion® 6T-E

Similar to its predecessor, the Xcelion® 6T-E is a plug-and-play product capable of replacing two 12V lead-acid batteries in the size of one and with only a quarter of the weight. However, unlike the Xcelion® 6T, the Xcelion® 6T-E provides a larger nominal capacity and energy with only a slight reduction in the maximum charging current. This makes it ideal for applications that require longer intervals between charging cycles and lower maximum charging currents.

Questions about our SAFT Xcelion® batteries?


SAFT Xcelion® batteries outperform standard lead-acid batteries on multiple levels, but there are also alternative options available that might be of interest to you. If you want to make the right choice from our wide range of battery solutions, our experienced staff is ready to provide you with expert and reliable advice. Feel free to contact us for more information. We are here to assist you in finding the best battery solution that suits your needs.


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