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Elfa Elementenfabriek has been running the brand Peli for years. The professional flashlights and headlights by Peli are state of the art and very robust. Elfa now also offers the full range Peli cases. From her market (think of emergency services, industry and defence) Elfa receives a lot of demand demand for robust waterproof cases. Primarily as packaging for the high-tech solutions that Elfa offers, but also for other purposes. And as for her solutions for light and power: customization is possible. Peli delivers the cases with a foam interior or with Velcro compartmentalization. Elfa offers you a custom made interior. And in doing so, your waterproof, dustproof and shock-resistant case turns into the best fit.

The total range of Peli cases includes 70 shock-resistant polypropylene cases to protect delicate equipment of different formats. These cases are tested frequently by professionals under extreme circumstances and they passed every test in the past 30 years. Peli cases are designed to meet the military demands and a lifelong guarantee is given. Elfa can provide you with Peli cases of the total range and Alfa has the expertise to guide you through your choice. Ask us, and we match your question with a solution.

Pelicases stack

The 350 series is watertight, dustproof and crust proof (as are all the Peli cases). It has an automatic pressure equalization valve, which comes in handy in air transport. Two large fold down handles are usefull for a two person lift. The cubic format is a smart concept.

The broad 1500 series has easy open double-step latches and an O-ring seal (as all Peli Cases). It is a light weight case with a comfortable handle and of course paddock protectors. The 1500 is the Peli case that does a perfect job: not too big, not to heavy, not to small, and … quality.

The 1600 series. Two extra latches for closing because bigger than the 1500 series. Crust proof, O-ring sealed for water and dust. The valve for air pressure equalizing prevents the case from the effect of lower pressure in air transport. The open cell core with solid wall design results in a strong and light weight case.

The 1700 series. The long case. Comes with polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings, stainless steel hardware and paddock protectors. Interior length 90,8 cm, and in the diagonal even some additional centimeters.

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