22 February 2019

Custom made exit signal for NS

Elfa is developing in cooperation with Machinefabriek Bosserveld and NedTrain Zuid a renewed closing signal for NS (Dutch Railways).


The lighting has also been modified, making the marker less sensitive to rain and snow and easier to recharge. This is made possible by an LED luminaire with Li-ion cells that can be recharged via a USB cable.


The marker: a concept within the “world of railroads

For many years ELFA has had the marker posts in its product range. At the time, the marker posts were equipped with an LED luminaire from Nissen and a battery from Cegasa, the rest was mechanical and mechanical engineering. In recent years, the need for a “remake” arose. The marker had to be simpler, lighter and meet customer-specific requirements.


The 2.0 signal post, in 3 variants, has been given the required NedTrain numbers and is supplied by Machinefabriek Bosserveld. We think we can safely say that the 2.0 has brought changes that benefit the user. Elfa was able to contribute to the development of the lighting and is pleased with the benefits it brings to the people who work with it.
Also looking for a custom solution?

In Lijnden, custom solutions in batteries and light are produced. Contact Elfa if you would like to see more examples of customization or if you have a question of your own that requires a custom solution.




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