Elfa goes with the times

Recently Elfa started using green energy, in fact, self-generated green energy.

There are ten solar-panels installed on the roof of Elfa. Thanks to the intelligent Hybrid-system the produced electricity is stored for usage. It will power the premises and everything that’s left will be delivered back to the grid. This is not only environmental friendly but also financially advantageous.

Elfa was recertified last August: ISO 9001 ensures the quality management system of companies is up-to-date, ISO 14001 is mainly focused on the environmental effect companies have and what they do to minimalize this. Elfa has taken various steps to compete with these standards, one of these steps is installing solar-panels. The Hybrid Home manages the produced electricity to be used effectively.

On the sunny days we have seen last summer chances are that generated electricity exceeds the demand. When this happens the Lead Crystal Batteries in the Hybrid will get fully charged, so they can be used later on. When the batteries are fully charged and the electricity intake is still bigger than the demand, the Hybrid will make sure the electricity gets delivered back to the grid against a usual compensation.

As soon as days get shorter and lights shine longer, the panels will first supply the premises  and simultaneous charge the batteries. If there is a shortage in the supply of electricity, the Hybrid will make sure the electricity from the batteries is used. When the batteries are discharged completely, the system switches back to electricity from the grid automatically.

The Hybrid also detects what the demand of electricity is during peak- and off-hours. This way it can compute when to switch back to electricity from the grid. This is efficient when the demand of current is high at nighttime, the Hybrid will switch to the grid to save the fully-charged batteries for peak-hours in the morning. The outtake from electricity via the grid is better managed by the Hybrid.

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Benefits of Elfa

  • 100 years of know-how
  • Always a solution,
    tailoring possible
  • Every big brand
  • In-house production
  • ISO certified


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