Elfa lights up the job!

Elfa Elementenfabriek has excelled in the supplying worklights for professional usage. With the broad assortment there is an suitable suggestion for every application. This can vary between the compact Led's Light pro LED floodlight or the Eurolux 60W klasse 2 construction lamp for the smaller tasks, to the colossal Aldebaran 360° Flex for tasks where stadium-lighting would be required.

The Led's Work floodlight comes in versions with and without battery. This makes it particularly suitable for mobile tasks, such as an construction site where the powersupply is yet to be installed. Thanks to the different power outputs (between 10W and 150W) the choice is up to you whether runtime or light intensity is more important.

Eurolux has the robust worklights which will be delivered with the stand included, provided with a handgrip. De 60W SMD LED chip produces 4.000 lm, this makes it an incredibly powerful light in a compact and double-isolated housing. The lamp is also available on a tripod which can be extended by the intergrated winch. 

Thanks to the Aldebaran 360° Flex it's possible to carry out any operation, unregarded the moment of the day. The strong worklight comes in different sizes, therefore the lightintesity varies between 40.000lm and 100.000lm (!). Because of this the Aldebaran 360° Flex is capable of lighting up 5.000m². Despite these heavy performances the set is easily installed, even by a single person. Not entirely surprising that the Aldebaran 360° Flex has proved it's performances on festivals, during rescue operations and at construction sites.

This is just a selection from the assortment that Elfa has to offer, for questions feel free to contact our Inside Sales department via mail or phone.



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