Mica ML-808 ATEX

MICA handlamp for use in explosion-hazardous areas

The Finnish MICA has developed a huge reputation when it comes to rechargeable professional handlamps. The firm has very recently expanded its range with a new lamp for use in high explosion-risk environments (Zone 1 and 2 gas/21 and 22 dust). Elfa Elementenfabriek has had an intensive relationship with MICA since the latter was founded and is therefore suitably proud to be able to launch the new ML-808 ATEX on the Dutch market. The ML-808 ATEX allows Elfa to market a new class of handlamp for companies in the (petro)chemical, sewage treatment and offshore industries as well as tank installation and paint spraying companies. The lamps are also suitable for companies where there is a lot of dust who often face regulations pertaining to the use of lighting and handlamps. This is truly a Finnish quality product with unique properties.

At its highest setting, the lamp produces 100 lumen and can do so for 4 hours. If a lower light setting of 25 lumen is used then the re-chargeable lamp can even be used for 15 hours non-stop. The LED lamp provides various beams: a spotlight setting that has a range of at least 100 metres and a medium-wide beam. In both cases the beam is properly homogenous providing some extraneous light around the beam so that even there no total darkness exists. If you hold the lamp for a while you soon notice the perfect ergonomics and its very light weight of under 400 g. This truly is a very robust handlamp for use in hazardous conditions. Take the glass for instance: 3 mm hardened glass. That this is a high-end, professional lamp is not only apparent from its construction and battery lifespan, which after 500 charges still has 80% capacity, but also from the fact that this lamp is easy to service. This is not a disposable product, but a tool for professionals.

Mica ml808

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