Mica, a Atexor brand

MICA: Portable lighting solutions for demanding conditions

Mica Elektro Oy Ltd has been a leading manufacturer of portable lighting for professional use since 1983. Reliability, up-to-date certification and user-friendly operation are its main goals. MICA also supplies a wide range of ATEX/IECEx certified safety lamps for use in environments with a potential explosion hazard. MICA products are designed and manufactured in Finland guided by the philosophy that MICA lamps are the strongest on the market.

Mica is a top brand by Atexor Oy: the innovative expert in professional lighting. Atexor is entirely owned by Teknopower, a leading lighting company with partners active in over 20 countries around the world. Its main focus is on improving safety for people who work with portable lighting.

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The extremely robust IL-60/IL-60 NIMH portable light is recognised as the leading product on the market as far as durability, reliability and technology are concerned. Developed in conjunction with professional users around the world, the system combines very advanced electronics with a practical design. This is a go-anywhere product that won't let you down when you need it most.

The extremely robust IL series of torches are recognised for their durability and technology. MICA IL-640 utilises high-power LEDs with an approx. 50,000-hour lifespan. This means you will never have to replace a torch again. Developed in conjunction with professional users around the world, the system combines very advanced electronics with a practical design. This product will never let you down. Manufactured in Finland on the basis of the philosophy that MICA lamps are the strongest on the market.

The new IL-6400 GT has the same amazing functions as the already familiar torches in the IL series as well as a boost mode of 1,200 lumen which provides an extremely high light output for a short period of time. Boost mode is activated by holding down the switch and ends as soon as you release the latter. The aluminium sealing ring provides the necessary cooling for the LED module. The IL-6400 GT can be ordered with NiMH batteries for extremely hot or cold conditions. If so desired, the lamp can be supplied in CRI FullColour mode for better colour rendering.

MICA® IL-800 ZONE 0 and ZONE 1 are all-purpose, high-quality torches specially designed for use in explosion hazard areas and under the toughest conditions. Thanks to the ergonomic dual-mode switch the user can choose between long use or extreme light yield. Robust, anti-static build with hardened 5 mm lens. This lamp won't let you down when you need it most. The MICA® IL-800 also floats if dropped in water. The advanced electronics prevent deep discharging of the battery. When the latter is almost empty the beam will flash every 15 seconds.

MICA® ML-600 is a strong, compact rechargeable service torch that is easy to use. The NiMH battery provides 6 to 8 hours of continuous operation. The light output can easily be dimmed. The ML-600/601/602's advanced electronics prevent deep discharging of the battery and warn if the charge is getting low. The ML-600 series of torches warn users if the battery's charge is too low by flashing when there is only 15 to 20 minutes of operational time left.

The MICA® ML-808 is the latest, high-powered ATEX torch. It is a logical progression from the familiar MICA® ML-800 and is equipped with an environmentally-friendly NiMH battery which provides over seven hours of continuous operation. The shockproof IP66 housing is made entirely from antistatic plastic and aluminium. The lens is three millimetres thick and was specially hardened. ML-808's advanced electronics protect the battery from deep discharge and warns users when the charge is getting too low by flashing when there is 20 minutes of operating time left. The MICA® ML-808 is supplied with a sturdy belt clip and lanyard.

From the start, Mica has designed special models for specific users on the basis of their requirements and wishes. One of the company's main cooperators has always been the military sector. As a result almost all MICA products are also available in NATO green housings and the main products also have NATO stock numbers.

The intelligent ILC4 and ILC4-VAC chargers keep your MICA torches ready for use without overcharging the battery. Keep MICA torches in their chargers when not in use. They fit snugly and will stay on the charger even during rough rides.

The advanced MICA MLC Fast Charger can charge an empty battery in less than three hours. The MLC can be powered from a power outlet using the MICA IL-2 AC/DC adapter or can be connected directly to a car battery. A tight locking clip keeps the work lamp in place even in rough circumstances. The MLC keeps your lamp ready for use without risking overcharging the battery. We therefore recommend that you store your MICA work lamp in the charger.

The MICA CR-C5 and CR-C3 chargers provide a new concept for MICA lamp users. The charger racks are made of durable aluminium and are equipped with an integrated power supply that converts 100 - 240VAC mains voltage into the 12VDC voltage the rack supply rail uses. All you need is a screwdriver to install these easy-to-use charger racks. One end of the charger rack features a socket for the easy linking of the next charger rack.

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