For years now, Maglite has been the standard in the field of high-quality, tubular torches for professional users. Maglite torches are made of durable, aerospace-grade aluminium and are weatherproof and shock resistant. Maglite's torches are now also available as LED torches. Every Maglite or MagCharger reveals the R&D Maglite has been working on for 35 years. Maglite is a proudly American company.

Mag Instruments has had a success story in its hands for well over 30 years now, quite literally, with its handy Maglite torches. The extremely sturdy, durable torches are very popular with security staff and police forces. The broad beams proved to be very suitable for temporarily blinding suspects or directing traffic. Other professionals also really appreciate Maglite as dropping one at work won't break it. Maglites are tough and water resistant making them handy torches for professionals.

Maglite is used by professionals around the world. It is one of the most familiar torches to be used by the army, the police and also by company emergency responders. The lamps are entirely sealed with rubber O-rings and have self-cleaning on/off switches. The classic Maglite torches come with a replacement lamp in the battery compartment. Maglite torches are very robust and very durable thanks to the high-end technology applied.

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Without doubt the best Maglite torch. Continuously improved and perfected in practice over many years, the Maglite MagCharger is the rechargeable torch of choice for professionals around the world. Now there is also an LED version. Elfa Elementenfabriek can supply the original MagCharger LED from stock. With 680 lumen the MagCharger LED is brighter than ever and can illuminate objects up to 417 metres away. The combination of an LED torch and the reliable charging method make the MagCharger LED suitable for a multitude of circumstances. Thanks to its LED light source the torch's battery lasts a lot longer than that of its predecessor.

Maglite 2D LED Pro, the Maglite 2D LED is a new Maglite highlight that only has advantages. Recently introduced LED technology gives it a whopping 274 lumen of output and though the 2D LED is small, it has powerful output and an extensive range. An anodised aluminium housing ensures that your 2D Cell is really tough. The Maglite 2 D Cell LED Pro uses 2 D size batteries that are not included.

The Maglite 3D LED, equipped with the new Maglite LED Technology provides even more light than its predecessor. Because the torch utilises 3 D-cell batteries (not included) it is very suitable for lengthy usage. The anodised housing ensures that the 3D-Cell is robust.

Compact 'XL50' 120 mm Maglite USA torch with a very strong beam. LED technology. Tactical design torch with tail switch that allows fast switching between all 3 light modes depending on how often you depress the switch. The torch has a black, anodised, corrosion-free aluminium housing with rubber O-rings, and is shockproof and water resistant. Is supplied in a plastic cassette including 3 AAA/Micro batteries.

Thanks to Maglite's new LED technology the Maglite XL50 LED is extra environmentally friendly and energy efficient. This LED torch is powered by 3 AAA batteries that are included. The XL 50 LED is supplied in a black box.

De XL100 van Maglite is uitgerust met de nieuwste MagLED technologie en werkt op drie AAA batterijen die tevens meegeleverd worden. De Maglite XL100 is uitgerust met verschillende standen, waaronder een energiebesparende stand waarbij de XL100 slechts 25% van de normale lichtsterkte gebruikt. In deze stand kan de Maglite XL100 wel tot 200 uur meegaan. Ook heeft de Maglite XL100 een SOS-functie, waardoor u deze morse code niet niet uit uw hoofd hoeft te leren.

De Maglite ML125 beschikt over een focussysteem, voor een spotlight of een groot verlicht oppervlak. De lamp heeft 5 verschillende standen: van energiebesparend tot gel glikkerend licht. Deze lamp werkt kostenbesparend door de meegeleverde oplaadbare batterij. De maximale lichtopbrengst is 186 lumen.

The new Maglite MAG-TAC Crowned Bezel LED is equipped with the latest MagLED technology that provides some 320 Lumen. Thanks to its small size, the MAG-TAC Crowned Bezel is ideal for use in the woods or in small spaces. The Crowned Bezel comes with a clip so there's almost no chance you will lose it. Because the Crowned Bezel is available in a variety of colours it can be used in any environment.

Gewicht (incl. verpakking): 50 gr
Afmeting (incl. verpakking): 10,0 x 6,0 x 2,5 cm
Batterij type: AAA - mini penlite
Lichtopbrengst ANSI-lumen: <100 Lumen
Reikwijdte: 50 - 99 meter
Type lichtbron: LED

LED versie van het model Mini AA.
Compleet met nylon riemholster.
Werkt op 2 stuks AA Alkaline batterijen.

Klein maar met grote prestaties, deze onverwachte kwaliteiten gelden voor de Maglite Solitaire LED-zaklamp AAA. De looks van dit model zijn vergelijkbaar met de originele Solitaire-modellen uit 1988 en de bediening is identiek. Met de draaibare kop zet u dit model aan en uit en regelt u de focus van nauw naar wijd. De gebruikte LED-techniek is nieuw sinds de eerste Solitaire op de markt kwam. De lichtbundel is zo sterk dat u er zomaar 55 meter ver mee schijnt, en dat voor een zaklamp die weinig groter is dan uw autosleutels.

Naast de diverse vernieuwde Maglite LED staaflantarens, levert Elfa Elementenfabriek uiteraard ook de krypton variant van verschillende type staaflampen van het merk Maglite. Zo zijn de Maglite 2D, 3D, 4D, 2AA en MagCharger allen leverbaar.

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