Led’s light PRO

With LED’s light Pro, Shada offers high-quality lighting solutions for industry, trade and craft. In offices, workshops, shops, exhibitions, warehouses, production facilities, outdoor lighting, etc. With LED’s light Pro every project is a success. In addition to the standard program, we also offer project-oriented solutions.



The demand for office lighting, for example, is high. The light must make effortless work possible and increase productivity. Moreover, the lighting is subject to various standards. Shada offers the perfect products for these requirements.


LED lamps are available in a wide range of designs for office lighting. Thanks to the excellent color reproduction, they are an extremely attractive lighting solution for offices. The innovative technology used to generate directional light reduces total energy consumption and minimizes thermal loads in the light cone, while a long service life guarantees low maintenance costs. Low-glare luminaires ensure that the working environment is undisturbed and meets all relevant standards. In individual offices, freestanding lamps are an attractive addition to solutions with fixed light. Not only do they generate a lot of light, they also create attractive accents and can be used in various areas.


Industrial lighting must offer employees a safe working environment. That is why in most companies the lighting is switched on continuously, which entails enormous energy costs and high maintenance costs. With LED lighting solutions from LEDs light pro and a professional lighting design, energy and maintenance costs can be permanently reduced.
LED lighting can offer many unique advantages in the sales area. Due to the low power consumption, less heat is generated, so that unwanted “hot spots” that disturb the shopping experience can be prevented. Lack of UV and infrared light protects the exhibited objects and merchandise.


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