Electrochem is a market leader in total energy solutions for critical applications because it provides tailor-made battery capacity, management systems, chargers, docking stations and power supplies to demanding markets worldwide. It all started with the lithium cells for implantable pacemakers, both of which were developed by the company's founder Wilson Greatbatch.

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Electrochem's non-rechargeable batteries are extremely suitable for demanding applications under extreme ambient temperatures or subject to mechanical vibration. The lithium cells are equipped with a very high energy density (915 watt hour per litre) which amounts to almost three times the energy density of a conventional alkaline battery. They are also characterised by extremely low self-discharge.

Would you like to know more about the various types of batteries from Electrochem's non-rechargeable line? If so, click here.


We create custom-made Electrochem packs in all imaginable versions in our own assembly area. All according to strict procedures and safety regulations. The numbers that can be produced range from single units (prototypes) to series of over 1,000 units. Moreover, we can equip your battery pack with your logo, product number and/or packaging.

We can equip all lithium batteries and lithium packs with connectors and utilise Tyco (AMP), Molex, JST, JAE, Thomas and Betts, among others.

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Benefits of Elfa

  • 100 years of know-how
  • Always a solution,
    tailoring possible
  • Every big brand
  • In-house production
  • ISO certified


Head Office Elfa Netherlands:
Elfa Elementenfabriek bv
Madridstraat 5-7
1175 RK  Amsterdam (Lijnden)
T: +31 (0)20 643 69 72
F: +31 (0)20 643 90 73
E: [email protected]

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